ZaBot was founded in 2021 by David Tessler & Paul Chambers, owners of 62-year-old pizza brand Capri located in Metro-Detroit. David & Paul entered the pizza business with the idea of combining great pizza with robotics. After an intensive R & D period they landed on the concept of ZaBot. In early 2022 food service and vending veteran Ray Friedrich joined the team which has since grown to 14 full and part-time members. 

After 8 months of testing products for ZaBot including 60+ different crust options, ZaBot partnered with a local crust manufacturer to create a proprietary crust that when combined with Capri’s beloved sauce, cheese and ingredients has received rave reviews. ZaBot also partnered with a local cookie company to produce warm chocolate chip and Oreo cookies inside ZaBot. Along with pizza and cookies, ZaBot can cook garlic cheese bread, chicken wings & nuggets, macaroni & cheese, cinnamon rolls, French toast sticks and more.  

In October 2022 ZaBot launched and was an immediate success, selling out almost every day since and more than tripling our sales expectations. 

96 Items are held in a refrigerated compartment in the back of the machine and are good for 5-days. Items can be placed in the machine fresh or frozen. There is a built in defrost function. 

The ovens are key. Each ZaBot has 2 built-in ovens which allow for a higher throughput. This is vital to our success. Each oven temperature can be set for each item along with a top broiler function which provides that perfect cook every time. ZaBot is the only machine currently cooking items out of the box and applying a deck oven cook and top broil. Most other machines use microwave technology. 

A ZaBot requires as little as 80 sq. feet and can produce up to $12,500 in revenue per sq. foot. ZaBot can go indoors or outdoors and requires only electrical utilities. 

The technology has existed for over 10 years and has had massive success in Europe. ZaBot is easily loaded by placing boxes into slots where the robot reads a QR code and inventories each item. ZaBot’s backend and functions can be controlled from anywhere via a mobile web app. When customers order an item, the robot knows exactly where it is, loads it into the oven for cooking, places it back in the box and dispenses it out of one of two delivery slots. ZaBot is cashless and provides a fun and easy customer experience. Items are cooked in 2-4 minutes. 

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