How It Works

The Future of Pizza Has Arrived

Delicious pizza made for you anytime – day or night.

*Caution: Contents may be hot!

Handcrafted, ZaBot Delivered

Our team made the ultimate sacrifice and ate pizza endlessly until we found the perfect formula. The secret behind ZaBot is in the ingredients and care that goes into the pizzas before they’re ever even placed in the machine.

Each pizza is handcrafted by one of our chefs and placed fresh in the machine. Once the pizza is in ZaBot, it is stored in a fridge that can hold up to 96 pizzas and keeps the ingredients fresh for 72 hours. Pizzas are removed from the oven if they ever exceed this timeframe.

Once a lucky customer chooses a pizza, it is pulled from the fridge and placed in one of the two hearth ovens. Sit back, relax, and your pizza will be delivered hot and fresh in about 5 minutes. Each type of pizza has its own unique cooking temperature and time, so you get amazing pizza every time.

People Eat This Up


Become a ZaBot Licensee!

Do you want to earn a passive income just by helping us place a ZaBot? The future of pizza and fast food has arrived. You can utilize your existing location/real estate and we do the rest of the work!

ZaBot machines are the perfect solution for customers looking for fresh food on their schedule. From night shift workers to college kids, ZaBot is too good to turn down.

This isn’t some gimmick or microwave pizza. ZaBot is the first machine of its kind in the US to feature actual deck ovens. Fresh ingredients, perfectly cooked, and always delicious.

The possibilities are endless. From airports to college campuses to hospitals and shopping malls.

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