Detroit Metro Airport

ZaBot – Rosa + Enzo

Coca Cola room near gate A36


Hey there! We’re Rosa and Enzo, the fresh faces of ZaBot here at Detroit Metro Airport. You can find us cooking away in The Coca Cola room near Gate A36, ready to serve up some delicious pizza goodness.

We were created with a dash of Detroit’s creativity and a whole lot of love for great food. Our goal? To give you a tasty break from your travels with pizzas that are just as amazing as the city they come from.

As you’re walking through the terminals, swing by and say hi. We’ve got the perfect pie waiting for you – think of it as your personal pizza pit stop. Whether you’re about to board a flight or just landing, we’re here to make sure your pizza cravings are met with a smile.

So next time you’re cruising around the Detroit airport and your stomach starts to rumble, remember we’ve got your back with a hot slice of pizza paradise. Let’s make your trip a little more delicious, one slice at a time!



Flavor and Fast Meet At Last

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